JJ Collett

Provincial Natural Area


18+ km of maintained trails wind through groves, hillsides, wetlands and grassy meadows.

JJ Collett Provincial Natural Area, located in rural central Alberta near the hamlet of Morningside, consists of 635 acres of Aspen Parkland. Over 18 km of maintained trails wind through a mosaic of shrub lands, aspen groves, stands of white spruce on moist shady hillsides, wetlands and grassy meadows typical of the area.
Sand dunes are a unique feature of this area. Glaciers from thousands of years ago deposited glacial till which formed steep sided hills called knobs interspersed with low rounded wetlands called kettles. Much of this area is rolling hills formed from glacial till. Slowly, pioneering plants became established stabilizing the dune and preventing erosion.


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Some sights and sounds may change according to the season. To learn more about JJ Collett, please contact us.


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We're open all year round, but the most comfortable weather for sightseeing is in the summer.


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Visiting our Natural Area is 100% Free to do. If you've loved your experience we welcome any donations to help us stay open.



Near Morningside Alberta

Our trails are carefully maintained to ensure your safety and provide an unforgettable experience. In addition to the natural beauty, we also offer various amenities along the trails, such as picnic areas, rest stops, and interpretive signs to enhance your journey.

  • Provincial Natural Area

    We are a registered natural area with the province of Alberta.

  • Guide Signs

    Guide Signs accompany you along the entire route.

  • 110% Satisfaction

    JJ Collett Natural Area will steal your heart!



One of Alberta's Gems

The JJ Collett Natural Area Foundation was established in 1985 as a provincial volunteer steward group.

JJ Collett was founded to help preserve, maintain and provide environmental education for this ecologically diverse habitat.
Local organizations, schools, post secondary institutions, First Nations, and fitness groups are among those who use the area on a regular basis for studies, orienteering and field trips.
Come and pay us a visit! It is truly one of Alberta’s natural area “Gems”.






KM's of Trails 


Visitors / Year

Enjoy the serenity of JJ Collett Natural Area


What is there to see?

From birds like the Great Horned Owl to mammals like Beavers and Moose, JJ Collett offers a diverse selection of interesting sights and sounds


Beautiful Landscapes

The beauty of JJ Collett Natural Area has to be seen to be understood. It has everything from wetlands to aspen groves and lush scenery.

"Absolutely loved exploring JJ Collett! The trails were well-maintained and the scenery was breathtaking. It was a perfect escape to reconnect with nature. Highly recommend visiting for a peaceful and rejuvenating experience."

Kurt Brown


Explore our FAQ's

We've tried to make our Natural Area as interesting as possible. If you still have questions, you can contact us directly or fill out the form below.

  • Is there a charge to use JJ Collett Natural Area?

    No, there is not a charge to use the area, but donations are appreciated, and essential for the upkeep and maintenance of the area. You can donate through PayPal by Clicking Here, or you can mail your donation to JJ Collett Natural Area, RR 4, Site 5, Box 40, Lacombe, Alberta T4L 2L4.  

  • Do I have to have my dog on a leash at JJ Collett?

    Yes, dogs must be on a leash. According to the Lacombe bylaw officer, all handlers must be in control of their dogs at all times for the safety of wildlife, humans and other canines. Remember, animals can be unpredictable. Please be responsible.

  • Just wondering if campfires are allowed in the area?

    Enjoy the area with some hiking, snow shoeing, cross-country skiing, or photography. Sorry, campfires are not allowed at JJ Collett Natural Area.  

  • If I encounter a problem at JJ Collett, who do I contact?

    If you witness/encounter a problem with dogs or any other issue visiting the natural area contact the Red Deer District Office at 403-748-3939. To report wildlife sightings, hunting violations, vandalism, public safety concerns, or any other matter that may require a Conservation Officer, please call the Alberta Parks Enforcement Line 24/7 at 403-350-5066”.

    Please provide description of problem canine, handler, date, time and a license plate number, as this information is essential to correct any issues that may arise.



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